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2 Piece Self Timed Beast Brakes

I have the 3 and 4 port 2 piece 1.01" 5/8x24 Beast brakes in stock. I also have some of the 3 port 6.5mm and .308 cal and 4 port .308 cal. already Cerakoted in stock. The 3 port version uncoated runs 95.00 shipped, the 4 port version runs 100.00 shipped, and the pre-coated brakes are 105.00 (3 ports) and 110.00 (4 ports). Special calibers or coating colors add 5.00 more. I get a break on the coating when I do a bunch at once and the savings is being passed on.

These brakes are meant to do away with crush washers, shims, and gunsmiths for install. They are simple to install with just the supplied rod and can be use on several different rifles as long as they are the same caliber.

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