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I haven't updated things but I do have the Baby Beast .750" OD brakes in 3 and 4 ports with 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 threads in stock as well as my Big Beast 2 piece self timing 4 ports in 3/4x24 and M18x1.5 threads.

I'm out hunting until the end of next week. I will try to answer emails as I have service but nothing will ship until I get back.


I've got the TAC Beast brakes in hand and should have the .750" Baby Beast brakes tomorrow or Monday at the latest.


Right now what I have in stock is the 2 piece 3 and 4 port 1.01" 5/8x24 Beast brakes and the .875" 3 and 4 port Lil Beast brakes. I do have some coated 2 piece 5/8x24 Beast brakes in 6.5mm and .30 caliber in stock as well. I won't have the Tac Beast brakes and Baby Beast brakes in stock until next week. All of the new run of Beast brakes are made using heat treated 416 stainless with a Rc of 28-32.


I have the .875" 5/8x24 4 port Lil Beast brakes in stock. I'll have the smaller thread sizes in the 4 ports and the .875" 3 port Lil Beast brakes tomorrow afternoon.


I'll have some .875" 4 ports Lil Beast brakes tomorrow and some 3 ports on Friday. The .825" tapered to .750" 3 port Tac Beast brakes for AR-10's and RPR rifles will be next in the mill. So hopefully by Monday I'll have those. Part of the .750" Baby Beasts are done in the turning center and the rest should be done tomorrow. I should have those out of the mill by Wed. or Thursday next week. After that will be the 1.01" 3 and 4 port 1 piece Beast. The last thing will be the bigger 1.10" 2 piece Big Beast brakes in 3/4x24 and M18x1.5. Those will be about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks out.


The 5/8x24 2 piece Beast brakes are done. About Tuesday of next week I'll have the 1 piece .875" brakes and a few days later I'll have the .750".

This is my site and I do 3, 4 and 5 port brakes. I can be reached by using the contact page. Nathan.

Here is a video comparing a few brakes on a 338 Lapua. There are more videos on The Beast and Videos pages.

Here is the family picture.

Here it is. This is the .865" 4 port brake. I have tested both the 3 and 4 ports in this diameter. When I have all the sizes in hand I'll take a picture of them all so you can see the small but soon to grow Beast family. The ports are a arced shape and rolled down slightly to help combat muzzle rise. The recoil reduction is phenomenal and should rival anything out there with the same size or number of ports. The pricing isn't set yet. We have to see what the run time will be once we try to speed it up a little to produce a couple hundred of them. They definitely do take longer to make so they will cost more than my other brakes but will still be close to half of the price of my competition. They are also longer than my other brakes. The 3 ports are 2.2" and the 4 ports are 2.65" but they are also lighter because of the extreme angle of the ports and the extra material removed. In the next run I'll add a smaller diameter, around .750", plus some 1.01" and 1.25" 5 port brakes and 2 piece brakes.

When I have the 1.01" brakes done I will buy a few of my competitors brakes of the about same dimensions and test them side by side. The videos will be posted on YouTube as well as here.


I've had some machining delays on the Beast brakes but I should have the test brakes in my hands very soon and if they work as they should I'll have 200 more done by the following week. The initial 200 brakes will be on sale at a discounted price until they are gone. The second run will offer more sizes and include some 5 ports for those looking for maximum recoil reduction and muzzle control. The .865" version will be available in 9/16x24 and 5/8x24 RH thread sizes. The 1.010" version will be available in 5/8x24.

Also I'm changing my 2 piece brakes and I'm offering the remaining inventory of brakes at a discounted 60.00 price. I have about 30 of the 3/4x24 version. I'm sold out of the 5/8x24 version.

I started this site to offer a high quality low price option for ported muzzle brakes but that isn't the only high quality low cost parts that we are going to offer. Shortly we will have precision surface ground tapered recoil lugs.

I have been making various versions of muzzle brakes for 20 years. I started making brakes with drilled holes like you see on most factory rifles with muzzle brakes. We have made many different version of drilled hole brakes and the ones that worked the best were with very large holes angled back towards the shooter. Ported brakes are very similar to drilled brakes except they don't have a expansion chamber like a drilled brake. Most drilled brakes don't require timing unless they have a portion without holes. Typically the area without holes goes on the bottom to prevent dust from blowing up in the shooters face while shooting prone. Almost every ported brake requires timing in order to get them positioned correctly on the barrel.

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