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The Beast

I haven't updated things but I do have the Baby Beast .750" OD brakes in 3 and 4 ports with 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 threads in stock as well as my Big Beast 2 piece self timing 4 ports in 3/4x24 and M18x1.5 threads.

I'm out hunting until the end of next week. I will try to answer emails as I have service but nothing will ship until I get back.


I've got the TAC Beast brakes in hand and should have the .750" Baby Beast brakes tomorrow or Monday at the latest.


Right now what I have in stock is the 2 piece 3 and 4 port 1.01" 5/8x24 Beast brakes and the .875" 3 and 4 port Lil Beast brakes. I do have some coated 2 piece 5/8x24 Beast brakes in 6.5mm and .30 caliber in stock as well. I won't have the Tac Beast brakes and Baby Beast brakes in stock until next week. All of the new run of Beast brakes are made using heat treated 416 stainless with a Rc of 28-32.The pricing on the new run of Beast brakes is as follows:

2 piece Beast brakes:
3 ports 1.01" 5/8x24 95.00 shipped
4 ports 1.01" 5/8x24 100.00 shipped
4 port 1.10" Big Beast 3/4x24 and M18x1.5 105.00 shipped (These are still a few weeks out)

1 Piece Beast brakes:
All of the 3 ports will be 70.00 shipped (that includes .750" Baby Beast, .825" Tac Beast, .875" Lil Beast, 1.01" Beast)
All of the 4 ports will be 75.00 shipped (that includes .750" Baby Beast, .875" Lil Beast, and 1.01" Beast)

Cerakoting adds 10-15.00 depending on the brake
Tapering or turning a brake adds 10.00
I will open them to caliber for free.


I'll have some .875" 4 ports Lil Beast brakes tomorrow and some 3 ports on Friday. The .825" tapered to .750" 3 port Tac Beast brakes for AR-10's and RPR rifles will be next in the mill. So hopefully by Monday I'll have those. Part of the .750" Baby Beasts are done in the turning center and the rest should be done tomorrow. I should have those out of the mill by Wed. or Thursday next week. After that will be the 1.01" 3 and 4 port 1 piece Beast. The last thing will be the bigger 1.10" 2 piece Big Beast brakes in 3/4x24 and M18x1.5. Those will be about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks out.


The 5/8x24 2 piece Beast brakes are done. About Tuesday of next week I'll have the 1 piece .875" brakes and shortly after that the .750".


The 2 piece Beast brakes are running in the turning center now and will be done in the mill by next week. I'm going to open a large portion of them to 6.5mm and .30 caliber, have them Cerakoted, and they will be on the shelf ready to ship. After that are the 1.01 one piece Beast brakes, the .875" 1 piece Beast brakes (I'm using larger material now so I jumped the size back up to .875"), the .750" Beast brakes, and the 2 piece 3/4x24 and M18x1.5 Beast brakes.

I'm currently out of .865" 3 and 4 port Beast brakes from the first run and only have about 1 or 2 of the 1.01" 4 port Beast brakes from the first run left. I have about 20 of the 1.01 3 port Beast brakes from the first run left.

The price is going up on the second run brakes. I'm changing material and it's going to slow the run time but produce an even better product. I'll go into more detail when they are finished.

Here is a comparison between my Beast brake, a APA Fat Bastard, and my original 1.25" 5 port brake on a 338 Lapua using 300gr Sierra SMK's at 2600fps.

Here is a comparison between several of my brakes and a APA little Bastard on a 7-300 Win Mag with 162 Amax's with 3265fps.

Here is a comparison between a 3 and 4 port .865" Beast brake and a APA little Bastard brake on a 6.5x47 Lapua using 123 Amax's at 2960fps.

The pricing for the Beast brakes are:
3 port .865" and 1.01" are 55.00 shipped until the first run is gone
4 port .865" and 1.01 are 60.00 shipped until the first run is gone

The distance from the rear of the brake to the start of the first port is .655" to .680" depending on the brake. The 1.01" brakes are the shortest.

Here it is. This is the .865" 4 port brake. I have tested both the 3 and 4 ports in this diameter. When I have all the sizes in hand I'll take a picture of them all so you can see the small but soon to grow Beast family. The ports are a arced shape and rolled down slightly to help combat muzzle rise. The recoil reduction is phenomenal and should rival anything out there with the same size or number of ports. The pricing isn't set yet. We have to see what the run time will be once we try to speed it up a little to produce a couple hundred of them. They definitely do take longer to make so they will cost more than my other brakes but will still be close to half of the price of my competition. They are also longer than my other brakes. The 3 ports are 2.2" and the 4 ports are 2.65" but they are also lighter because of the extreme angle of the ports and the extra material removed. In the next run I'll add a smaller diameter, around .750", plus some 1.01" and 1.25" 5 port brakes and 2 piece brakes.

When I have the 1.01" brakes done I will buy a few of my competitors brakes of the about same dimensions and test them side by side. The videos will be posted on YouTube as well as here.


The .865" prototypes were tested yesterday and will be in production soon. The recoil reduction is noticeable over my original brakes. I'll post more info on Sunday.


I've had some machining delays but I should have the test brakes in my hands very soon and if they work as they should I'll have 200 more done by the following week. The initial 200 brakes will be on sale at a discounted price until they are gone. The second run will offer more sizes and include some 5 ports for those looking for maximum recoil reduction and muzzle control. The .865" version will be available in 9/16x24 and 5/8x24 RH thread sizes. The 1.010" version will be available in 5/8x24.


By the end of the month I should have my newest design done. It's a more aggressive design to reduce even more recoil. It will NOT have top holes and will still be a side discharge brake like my current brakes. More aggressive designs do have more concussion associated with them because of the steeper angled ports. There are no free lunches with muzzle brakes. The initial offerings will be .865" and 1.005" diameters in 3 and 4 ports. The .865" brake can be turned to .800" and the 1.005" brake can be turned to .900" for flush fits. I will post some pictures after the testing is done.

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