What's New

May 15th

I got my M13x1.25 thread gauge in early so I'll run some 2 piece brakes in this run I'm working on right now. I also got a big shipment of stainless bars. That means I can run more brakes in this run. Right now I'm working on 3 port 1/2x28 2 piece Super Baby Beast brakes. I'll run the 1/2x28 out and then switch to the M13x1.25 and M13x.75. I'm also going to do some 2 port .223 and 9mm pistol brakes in 1/2x28. I might do some 9/16x24 .40/10mm and .578x28 .45 cal self timed 2 port pistol brakes as well but not right away. For the M13x.75 and M13x1.25 brakes I will only run a small number of 3 ports and a larger number of 5 ports. I'll taper the caps as much as I can, which should be around .670". The ID threads are 11/16 and the back of the caps are only .080" thick so I can't get crazy with the tapers.

May 7th

The last month or so has been quite weird with the Covid-19 lock down. I got personally threatened with violence because of a math error on a customers part over 7.00. The same person threatened to sue me because it took a week for his money to get back to him, it was cash, and didn't want to pay return shipping because it took me a couple days to ship it even though there was a weekend in there. I've had several people get pissed at me because I wouldn't make them custom brakes, unbelievably I probably even lost a dealer because I told him I wouldn't make a couple custom titanium brakes, and another customer that loved the recoil reduction of the brake on several different rifles but didn't like shooting his gun without hearing protection. DO NOT shoot a gun with a brake on it without hearing protection  I don't care who's brake it is. Even guns without brakes are loud enough to cause hearing damage.  I'm generally a very easy person to deal with and try to be overly fair to people. Please treat me the same way. 

So people understand what it takes to make a one off brake from scratch here you go.......Oh and changing the material it's made from doesn't mean it's the same programming. It actually changes all the speeds and feeds and even sometimes the tooling that is used. First it takes about an hour to hand write a lathe program to make the threaded blanks. Then it usually takes a half hour to fine tune the program. That includes the OD measurement, edge breaks, and threads. Luckily I don't usually have to change the tools in my machines and have to touch all the tools off to zero them but I might have to change a collett and spindle liners for different material sizes. Then I have to make a arbor to crown the brake if it's a new thread size. I also have to have a thread gauge for the new thread size which can take 4-6 weeks to get sometimes and run 250.00 or more. I crown brakes in one of my mills off of a arbor. So once the arbor is made I have to dial in the arbor to get the lowest runout possible, usually well under .001". At this point I'm 2 1/2 to 3 hours into it. Then I have to set up the mill to engrave the brake. As long as it's a brake diameter and name I've already done then this is fairly quick, usually under 1/2 hour. The final step is to set up the port milling fixture and dial it in. Then you run the port program. If this is all new and I have to write all new programs for everything the first brakes could take 5-6 hours or more. Modifying existing programs can speed it up by a few hours but those programs have to get changed back afterwards too. In reality you have to make 3 or so to make sure you have 1 good one survive through the whole process. Most people don't want to pay 600.00 plus for a custom brake. Actually I've never met anyone that wanted to pay time and materials to make a custom brake. A totally new design would require new fixtures as well as the programming and run time to make said fixtures. It could be a couple days to do it all. Now you understand why I don't make custom one off brakes for everyone that comes knocking and try to do runs of at least 25 parts. Most of the time I do 50+ parts on my small runs and try to do 100+ on my more popular brakes to justify the set up time. Even if the programs are written, arbors are made, and I have all the fixtures it will take 1.5 to 2 hours or more to set up all the machines and make the first brake in a run. 

I listen to feedback and judge from that what new brakes I want to make. So if you want to see something new let me know. 

April 24th

I wrote the lathe program to start machining the 1/2x28 Super Baby Beast self timed brakes. I have to order a couple bigger drills for the Jumbo Beast so I'm pushing them back a bit. I've had a lot of requests for the Browning M13x.75 brakes lately and since M13 is only .011" larger than 1/2x28 I'll make a few 5 port M13x.75 self timed brakes as well. I'm only doing 5 ports since most of the request have been for bigger  magnums. Someone really needs to slap Browning upside the head when it comes to barrel threading. They didn't even give one customer the correct muzzle thread size when he called in with his serial number. They make a M13x1.25 as well but I don't have a thread gauge to make those. I will probably order one but it's a month or more to get a thread gauge. 

Also I checked into the cost and time to get a 37/64x28 thread gauge (same as .578x28). Those are commonly used on .45 cal pistol barrels. I would consider ordering the gauge and making them if there is a demand. Give me some feedback if your interested in a pistol brake with this thread size. I have thread gauges for the other common 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 thread sizes used on 9mm and 40 pistol barrels. I'd probably do a compact 2 port self timed brake if I went down this road.

April 1st

No it's not Aprils Fools I have all the different versions of the Lil Ti Beast brakes in stock. 3, 4, and 5 ports in 1/2x28, 9/16x24, and 5/8x24. The 3 ports are 1.6oz, the 4 ports are 1.9oz, and 2.3oz for the 5 ports. I will have some 5 port 5/8x24 Lil Ti Beast in a bit smaller size as well. They will probably be .840" and I'll only have a handful of them.

March 28th

I've finished machining all the 3 and 4 port 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 Lil Ti Beast brakes now in addition to the 5 port 1/2x28, 9/16x24, and 5/8x24 I had already done. I will have all the 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 5 ports totally finished today or tomorrow. By the first part of next week I should have the 3 and 4 port 5/8x24 in stock as well.

The 3 ports weigh 1.6oz and the 4 ports weigh 1.9oz

March 25th

I was sick for close to 3 weeks not long after my last post so I'm just now finishing up the Lil Ti Beast brakes. I still don't have all the 5/8x24 blanks finished but I did have 15 5 ports done before I got sick and those are completely machined and ready to go. They are .860" OD and the same 3.11" long. They weigh 2.3oz compared to the .875" Lil Beast that weighs 4.2oz. These can be turned down as small as .800" but like the other titanium brakes I only taper them.  Today I will try to have at least a few of every version I have blanks for in stock. That would be 3, 4, and 5 ports in 9/16x24 and 1/2x28 in addition to the 5 port 5/8x24 brakes that are totally done. I plan to start making more of the 5/8x24 blanks tomorrow and should have the 3 and 4 ports totally finished by early next week at the latest.

I'll update the Lil Ti Beast info, weights etc, and put up pictures in the next day or two. They are all .860" OD and 2.22", 2.67", and 3.11" long like the other 3, 4, and 5 port Beast series brakes.

I'm out of the 1.01" 3 port Ti Beast brakes in 5/8x24. I ordered in some extra 1" titanium to make more but in .990" this time like the 2 piece brakes. I can do more of the 1.01" if there is a demand for them but the .990" covers even the shortest Proof carbon barrels.

Feb 18th

I've started into the Lil Ti Beast. I have enough material to do about 330 parts and it looks like I'll end up with about 100-105 3 and 4 ports and 120 5 ports. I'm doing roughly 25% 1/2x28, 25% 9/16X24, and 50% 5/8X24. I will be  done with the 1/2x28 blanks tonight and should be done with the 9/16x24 tomorrow or Thursday. I'm hoping to have some completed by the end of the week but it may be the start of next week. I had to make the OD .860" to make sure it cleaned up the whole OD. I'll post weights when I have them.

Next up is the nitrided chromoly self timed brakes. It will probably be 3-4 weeks before they are done due to the nitriding. I might sneak some 2 piece 1/2x28 Super Baby Beast 2 piece brakes in before the Jumbo Beast but that depends on the weather. If the weather is good coming up I might do the Jumbo Beast first so I can get the testing done.

Feb 7th

I now have the M18x1 3 and 5 port Big Beast brakes in stock. I also have the 4 port 9/16x24 Mini Beast brakes in stock. I posted this in the previous post but I have the 2 piece Ti Beast 3, 4, and 5 port brakes done. 

Right now I'm running 9/16x24 Lil Beast blanks. When I finish those I will do the 9/16x24 90 degree blanks (which should be done tomorrow). After that I'm doing the Lil Beast and 90 degree 1/2x28 blanks. That will be the first part of next week. By mid next week I'll start on the Lil Ti Beast brakes. I will try to have some of those completed within a few days of starting. Some time in the following week (2/17-2/21) I will start on the chromoly nitrided 2 piece brakes. I'm pushing the Jumbo Beast brakes back a bit in hopes the weather will warm up and dry up since I will need to test them before releasing them.

Jan 23rd

I finally have some 3, 4, and 5 port 2 piece Ti Beast brakes done. They are .990" OD and weight the same as the 1.01" 1 piece Ti Beast. 2.5oz for 3 ports, 2.7oz for 4 ports, and 3oz for 5 ports.  I also have caps with a taper to roughly .940", to accommodate the 24" and shorter Proof Sendero barrels, and one with just a edge break for the shorter barrels. I also have some of the 3 and 5 port 3/4x24 Big Beast 2 piece brakes done. I will do the M18x1 Big Beast 2 piece brakes in a few days as well. 

Next up is some Lil Beast stainless brakes to replenish stock and then the Lil Ti Beast brakes. I will probably have the Lil Ti Beast in hand in about 2 weeks. I'm going to try and squeak in some 4 port 9/16x24 Mini Beast brakes over the next few weeks as well. After that I will work on the Jumbo Beast brakes. Once all that is done I'll work on the 90 degree brakes and the nitrided chromoly 2 piece brakes.

Jan 12th

I had to take a few days off of production to catch up on orders last week. That put me behind on the Big Beast. I started on the 2 piece Ti Beast brakes and crowned some of them already while my machine was set up for crowning. That means the Big Beast will get pushed back a bit and the 2 piece Ti Beast will get pushed up a bit. I'm going to try and have a few of the 2 piece Ti Beast brakes done by the end of the week and I might have some of the Big Beast brakes done by then as well. I'll be out elk hunting Tuesday afternoon through Wed. 

Jan. 7th

I'm working my butt off to get parts done and should have the 2 piece Big Beast on the shelf by the first part of next week. Those are 3 and 5 ports in 3/4x24 and M18x1. They are 1.1" OD and .050" longer than the Beast brakes. I was going to do the Lil Ti Beast first but I think I'll run the Ti Beast 2 piece brakes first. I'll start running the blanks in the turning center on Thursday after I finish the caps for the Big Beast brakes. I might have some of those finished by the end of next week but the start of the following week (1/20) would probably be a safer bet. Right after that will be the Lil Ti Beast followed by the Jumbo Beast. Once those are all done I will work on the chromoly nitrided brakes. They will take quite a while to get done because I have to ship them off for nitriding but I'm hoping for the end of Feb. to early March for completion. After that I will work on the 2 piece 1/2x28 brakes, some 90 degree port brakes, radial ported brakes,  and some 2 port pistol /small caliber brakes. I've been asked to look at making shotgun brakes as well so I'll entertain that idea later in the spring time. 

Once I'm into the chromoly brakes I'm going to slow down a bit on production to work on fluting, bolt handle threading, firing pin bushing, and a few other things I'm going to be doing over the next year or so. 

Dec. 31st

I've recently made some Mini Beast 9/16x24 blanks. I probably won't finish them for 2-3 weeks but they are coming. I'll start on the 3/4x24 and M18x1 Big Beast 2 piece brakes today or tomorrow. I'm only making 3 and 5 ports. I've been out of stock on these for a long time and will make more in nitrided chromoly brakes in Feb./March as well. As soon as these are done in the turning center I'm going to work on the 2 piece titanium brakes. 

January will be primarily focused on the 2 piece Ti Beast, Lil Ti Beast, and Jumbo Beast brakes. I have to work some other items in there as well but those are the items I'll focus on. Feb. will be mostly Chromoly brakes that will be nitrided. I'm going to try and finish the Baby Slab Beast too. These are only 4 ports and they are .975" wide by .750" tall. If I had to guess their performance will be similar to the Super Baby Beast 5 ports. They are 1/2x28 and 9/16x24. 

Dec. 20th

I've had a bunch of people ask me to call them lately. Here is how my days go and why I don't put my phone number out there. I'm usually up at 7-7:30am and help get my kids out the door to school before 9am. Then I usually spend 30 minutes to 2 hours dealing with emails. After that I'm running 3 CNC machines for 12+ hours. Then I try to answer emails again at night. Sometimes I try to do emails in the afternoon as well. So if I have to stop and talk to everyone for 10-15 minutes on top of that I'd either have to run machines less or work more hours (which isn't going to happen). Not to mention trying to talk to people on the phone while machines are running in the background is nearly impossible. I'm just starting into my busiest time of year which makes it even harder. 

Right now I'm trying to get a years worth of brakes in stock so I can work on some new projects. Now that I have 3 machines I can get a lot more done in a given amount of time. Currently I have somewhere around 2000 brakes in stock and I'm trying to get that up near 4000 so that I can start doing fluting and several other projects I've been wanting to do for a year plus. I'm hoping to start working on the Lil Ti Beast next week. Probably the week after Christmas I will work on the Jumbo Beast. Those are big Cheytac brakes (1.475"+). I'm going to do some that are 1 piece and some that are 2 piece. All of these will be 7/8x20 threads since that appears to be the most common thread size. I will test these and do videos proving they will reduce more recoil then a T-5 Terminator before I release them. After that I will be on the 2 piece titanium brakes. Some time in January I will be on the nitrided 2 piece brakes. 

Several people have called my attention to post on Facebook and certain websites in addition to emails sent to them by Jeff Brozovich (the owner of the longrangeonly.com website) trying to smear my products. Here is the reality.....I know of about 8 brake failures in the last 4 years I've been making Beast brakes that weren't user caused (like baffle strikes from improper installation). There might be some failures I've never heard about but most people, like myself, tend to reach out to the manufacturer if they experience a failure they feel is premature. 4-5 of those came from one batch of Super Beast brakes that were made 3+ years ago before I started doing all my brakes in house. I replaced or refunded all of them and stopped selling that whole run a brakes. I also replaced all of the other failures including one Beast brake that had 1200+ rounds from a 338 Edge. Since that time the Super Beast have been redesigned and the baffles have been thickened over 150%. I've sold over 7000 brakes in that time. If you discount that one bad batch of brakes my failure rate is about .05% or 1/20th of 1%. I'm sure there are many manufacturers that would love to have a failure rate that small and I highly doubt there is any other muzzle brake manufacturer out there that has a failure rate any better then that. He has also called into question the materials I use and my machining. I use 416 stainless that is hardened to 28-32Rc and grade 5 titanium. If I thought any of my materials used were causing failures I would find a different material or run the Rockwell up to strengthen them. With such a low failure rate I don't see the need to do so and that is why I haven't done it. I stand behind my products and always will. Don't let the haters make your decisions for you. Watch my YouTube videos. They prove the performance of my brakes against the best on the market. They best part of it all is they are a fraction of the cost of the others.

Dec. 5th

I just ordered some 1 1/2" material to make some larger 375 Cheytac brakes. I've had numerous request to do some and to do 2 piece brakes because the market is lacking good/effective 2 piece brakes. I'm only going to do 7/8x20 threads at this time since it seems to be the most common thread size. They will will be more effective then the T-5 Terminator brake or I won't release them. Just like my other brakes I will run them on my test sled so everyone can see the results. If I didn't think I could make a better product for cheaper I wouldn't go down this road but as I've proven with my other brakes this is something I can do and have been asked to do numerous times. I will try to keep the OD as large as I can to cover as many barrel diameters as I can. On the 2 piece brakes I will make 2 different caps. One will be smooth like my normal 2 piece brakes and the other will be a hex cap that will only work on barrels under 1.350". 

Probably next week I'll start on the smaller Lil Ti Beast brakes. These will be .860-.865" OD. I will make them in 3, 4, and 5 ports just like my other brakes and will make a limited amount of 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 in addition to 5/8x24. I will get into the 2 piece titanium brakes either the end of the month or the first part of January.

Beyond that will be the 2 piece nitrided Beast and Big Beast brakes. 

Nov. 9th

Well hunting season has pretty much come and gone now so I have to get back to hard core work. I shot a 321" 6x6 bull and a small raghorn 5 point bull plus a fox that stole the tenderloins from the 5 point. I also helped a couple friends shoot a spike and high 200" 6x7.

I now have the .935" Ti Beast brakes in stock in 3, 4, and 5 ports. They weigh 1.9, 2.2, and 2.5oz respectively. The larger 1.01" Ti Beast brakes weigh 2.5, 2.8, and 3.2oz respectively. I also did some small runs of .935" stainless brakes in 3, 4, and 5 ports. The are called Beast CF brakes and they weigh 3.2, 3.9, and 4.6oz respectively. 

I'm currently running 2 piece stainless brakes and after these are done I will do some chromoly 2 piece brakes. Those will get nitrided. I will also make some more 2 piece Big Beast brakes in 3/4x24 and M18x1. I might do some 11/16x24 as well for the Bushmasters. 

If the weather holds I will try to do some more testing this month. I have a few more of my competitors brakes as well as a half dozen new port designs to try out. There are some new brakes out that claim 80% recoil reduction so I will try to pick a few of those up so everyone can see the truth. Basically 80% recoil reuction is a pipe dream. You cant over come the weight of the bullet accelerating down the barrel with a muzzle brake. 

Sept. 17th

Several people have requested 9/16x24 Beast brakes. Well I have some 4 and 5 port 9/16x24 Beast brakes in stock now. Right now I'm finishing running ports in the 3 and 4 port 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 Baby Beast brakes. I should have them done tomorrow or Thursday. I am doing some of the 3 and 4 port 1/2x28 Baby Beast brakes with the MAX ports like the 9/16x24 brakes have. These brakes can't be turned down like the normal 1/2x28 Baby Beast brakes can. They can be tapered to your barrel just not turned down. After these Baby Beast brakes are done I'll work on the .935" stainless and titanium 3, 4, and 5 port brakes. I should start running the titanium 2 piece blanks in the turning center in the next couple days as well. I probably won't have those completed for a couple to 3 weeks. I leave next Tuesday for a deer hunt in UT and a elk hunt in ID.

Sept. 14th

I have the Beast 4 port 5/8x32 brakes done. I'm working on the 3 and 4 port Baby Beast at the moment to replenish stock. I made the .935" stainless blanks this week. Once I get the Baby Beast stock back up I'll work on finishing the .935" stainless and titanium brakes. Next up is the two piece titanium brakes.

Sept 5th

I'm just finishing up some .935" 3, 4, and 5 port stainless Beast brake blanks. I did those to better match the 24" and longer Proof barrels. It will take a week or two before I have them completed and on the shelf. Today I will start making blanks for the 3 and 4 port .935" titanium brakes. I made some 5 ports on the last run and will make more of those as well this time.  Also in the works are some 5/8x32 4 port Beast brakes for the many people that have asked for their AR barrels. I'm hoping to have those done next week. I will be starting the 2 piece brakes in the turning center probably next week. It will be another week or 2 before they are completed but first up will be the titanium, then the Big Beast followed by the Beast in chromoly and stainless. The chromoly brakes will be nitrided.

I've been asked by many people to make some M14x1LH brakes for the AK-47 rifles. So I will order a thread gauge for that and make some after I receive the gauge. I will also make some 2 port brakes for pistols and small caliber rifles like the .223. These will probably be Super Baby Beast size (.800").  I already have gauges for the 1/2x28 (most 9mm's, and 9/16x24 (most .40's), but will have to make a gauge for the .45's (.578x28 or 37/64x28) and order a barrel to double check fitment.

Aug 14th

I will be gone to AK hunting the night of the 15th through the 24th. I won't have cell signal or any communication 

I have been working on the Super Baby Beast brakes lately. I will have them all in stock this week including the M15x1.  

July 17th

I have some 4 and 5 port Super Baby Beast 9/16x24 and some 5 port 5/8x24 brakes done and in stock. I will have more 5 port Lil Beast 9/16x24 brakes done today. I just ran out of 4 port Lil Beast 5/8x24 brakes but I have blanks ready to make more tomorrow. I'm trying to get caught up on ordered and made some headway yesterday but I'm still 4-5 days out at the moment. Hopefully by the end of the week I'm down to 2-3 days again. 

I now have a Haas VF4 mill in addition to my Haas TM-3P and Doosan Lynx 220 turning center. The VF 4 isn't powered or leveled yet but should be by next week. Then I will be able to run all 3 machines and get plenty of parts in stock over the next couple months. I'm currently working on the Super Baby Beast brakes in 1/2x28, 9/16x24, 5/8x24, and M15x1 in 3,4, and 5 ports. When those are done I will be working on inventory for the Lil Beast brakes while running the blanks for more Beast brakes in my turning center. After that I'll work on the nitrided 4140 2 piece brakes in the turning center and then the titanium brakes. Those will be .860", .935" and .985" 2 piece brakes.  After all of that I should be able to finally get to the 2 piece 1/2x28 brakes as well. Then in September or October I'll start fluting along with some other things like bolt handle threading, firing pin bushing, etc. I do have some other products I'm working on that I'll leave under wraps for the time being because I'll have very little time to work on them in the coming months due to hunting season. Once hunting is over I'm going to be full speed ahead on them and should have something to announce by December and might even have some products in hand by then.

June 26th

I finished all the .865" ported 4 port brakes I had. I have 130+ in stock now. Right now I'm running more Super Beast 6 ports and tonight I will set up to turn brakes in my new set up. Hopefully it goes well and I can get 50-100 turned tonight and 200 or so done tomorrow. Then I'll engrave them and start popping ports in them tomorrow night. That means I should have everything back in stock by Friday or Monday. I should even have some 9/16x24 and 5/8x24 Super Baby Beast in stock by next week. 

I will be out of touch this weekend and possibly from Tuesday to Sunday next week. I say possibly because it depends on where we go camping as to weather we will have cell service. It's the camping time of year and time to take the kids dirt bike riding, water skiing, fishing, etc. So if you don't hear back from me over the weekends it because I don't have cell service where we are camping.

Sorry for the slow response lately. I've been working 15-17 hours a day to get parts back in stock and be able to take some time off over the 4th. Things should be back to normal the week after the 4th.

June 24th

I just got done running a huge batch of Super Baby Beast brake blanks including some M15x1 3, 4, and 5 ports. It will take several weeks to get them all done and in stock but it's coming. I also ran Beast 5 port blanks since I just ran out of those and some Lil Beast 5 port 9/16x24 blanks that I've been out of for a little while. Today I'm going to run a few of my older ported 4 port .865" brakes to get them back in stock as well. I'll start turning blanks tomorrow and then engraving either late tomorrow or on Wed. After that I'll start on the ports for the Lil Beast and Super Baby Beast 5 port 9/16x24 brakes and Beast 5 port brakes on Wed. Once everything is back in stock then I'll go back to turning all the other blanks and getting all of the Super Baby Beast brakes in stock. These are .800" OD with the same ports as the Lil Beast brakes. It give the sporter barrel people a little smaller profile brake with basically the same effectiveness as the Lil Beasts. Once my lathe is back up and running I will work on the 2 piece 4140 Nitrided 2 piece brakes (Beast and Big Beast in 5/8x24, M15x1, M18x1, 11/16x24 and 3/4x24), the stainless 2 piece brakes (the same threads sizes as above), and the titanium 1 and 2 piece brakes. The titanium 2 piece brakes will be .985" OD in 3, 4, and 5 ports. The titanium 1 piece brakes will be .860" OD, and .935" OD in 3, 4, and 5 ports. I'm going to try and get some 2 piece 1/2x28 brakes done at some point as well. 

June 17th

I have caps in stock for the 2 piece brakes. I also have some 6 port 7/8x20 Super Beast brakes in stock as well as some 5/8x24 3 port Super Beast brakes. I have turned the .865" ported brake blanks and will make those when I get a chance. I just made more blanks for the 5 port Beast brakes I'm out of and the 4 ports I'm about out of. I will have those back in stock by the end of the week. Today and tomorrow I will work on the blanks for the 5 port Lil Beast and Super Baby Beast 9/16x24 brakes. I'm hoping to have some of those done by the end of the week as well. 

Sorry for the slow shipping the last week or so. I took off for a few days to inspect a Haas VF-4 I just bought and went camping for a bit. Now I should have plenty of machine time to do fluting. I should also finally have my Doosan turning center back up and running tomorrow. With 3 machines firing on all cylinders I shouldn't have any problems keeping parts in stock. Plus I should finally be able to get some of my new parts done. This Haas VF4 machine is wired for a 4th and 5th axis and should make doing some pretty cool stuff possible in the near future.

April 26th

I'm currently out of 5 port Lil Beast with 9/16x24 threads and caps for the 2 piece brakes. I have to work on a couple 10/22 barrels for birthday presents for my kids over the next day or so and then I will start making more caps for the 2 piece brakes. Then I'll work on the 6 port 7/8x20 Cheytac brakes and my older .865" ported 4 port brakes. After that I'll work on the .800" Super Baby Beast brakes. These will have the same port size as the Lil Beast so they will substitue for the 5 port Lil 

April 19th

I finished turning the titanium brakes finally. Here is a list of what I have in blanks:

45 .935" 5 port

80 1.01" 5 port 5/8x24

27 1.01 5 port 3/4x24

20 1.01" 4 port 3/4x24

41 1.01" 4 port 5/8x24

24 1.01" 3 port 3/4x24

38 1.01" 3 port 5/8x24

I might lose one or two along the way during the port machining and set up plus I have about 10 on order that I have to ship. I will do more .935" 3, 4, and 5 ports in a month or so when I catch up with some steel brakes in my turning center. I will also try to do the 2 piece .985" and .860" titanium brakes at that time.  I did also make a couple  1.1" 6 port blanks for some of the people wanting to build light weight 375 Cheytac's . They should weigh in the 4.5-5oz range when fully machined.  I'll have to run them to know the finish price but they will be quite a bit more than the smaller 5 ports based on the estimated run time.

Sorry for the delay in getting these done but it's been a bit of a struggle doing them in the mill compared to a turning center. My goal is always to maintain the lowest possible run out on my parts and because of how I have to machine them in the mill that proved to be extremely hard to do on this large of a scale.  I used more turning inserts then I've used in the last 2 years to turn these 275 parts. I should have a better solution to that when I do the next run in the turning center. I will be milling the ports in these blanks for the next several days and will try to have at least a few of all the different ones done by later today or tomorrow since the fixture is the same for them.

April 9th

I had some issues turning this last batch of titanium brakes in my mill but I finally got it figured out and have been turning the 5/8x24 brakes the last few days. I have the 3 ports left to turn and some smaller .935" 5 ports in 5/8x24 then I'll switch over to 3/4x24 brakes. I'll have about 240 titanium brakes in stock after I get them all run.

After this run of titanium I'm going to run the 7/8x20 6 port Super Beast brakes. Next on the list will be some of my older ported 4 port .865" brakes that I've been out of for a month or so. After that I'm going to run some of my normally stocked items. Then I'm going to slow a bit on production to work on my website and fluting. I will start on the nitrided 2 piece chromoly Beast and Big Beast brakes and the Super Baby Beast brakes after that.

I intend to run some titanium 2 piece brakes, more .935" OD 3, 4, and 5 port 1 piece brakes (all 5/8x24, and some .860" 3, 4, and 5 port titanium brakes as time permits.

Feb 28th

I've decided to no longer turn down titanium brakes. I will taper them but turning the whole brake down is too time consuming. Without coolant on a manual lathe it rolls the material into the ports and makes it nearly impossible to remove. In the CNC it takes too long to set it up for one or two parts. A gunsmith with some time on his hands can still do it for you but it has been burning up too much of my time lately. I'm out of 5 port Ti Beast brakes at the moment. I will start making more tomorrow or Friday and should have more back in stock by mid next week. I will also do the 3/4x24 3 and 4 port when I do the 5 ports. 

My stainless brake prices are going up starting tomorrow March 1st. The combination of increased shipping cost, increased material cost and increased tooling cost means it's time to raise prices. The 1 piece brakes up to the Beast brakes will be 85, 90, and 95 for the 3, 4, and 5 ports respectively. The 2 piece brakes will be 110, 115, and 120 for the 3, 4, and 5 ports. Those are shipped prices with credit card/Paypal fees included. The Super Beast 5 ports will be 115.00 and the 6 ports will be 130.00. If I have decent tool life through this run of titanium I won't raise the prices on them.

I have decided to make 2 piece titanium brakes coming up but it will be a month or more out before I can get to them. I will use 1" material and they will have a finished size around .985". That is about the largest muzzle diameter listed on Proofs website for carbon barrels so there is no reason to go to my more traditional 1.01" size. 

Feb. 10th

I got 23 more 5 port blanks done. 6 are 3/4x24. I also did 8 3 port 5/8x24 blanks. I will turn them shortly. Then they get engraved and by tonight I should have ports in a few of them. 5 of the 5/8x24 5 ports are already spoken for and many other people have inquired so I don't suspect the 5 ports will last long. I just had to cut the blank making off so I could get some finished before I leave for vacation. If they all sell out by the time I get home from vacation I might run another batch before my turning center gets fixed but hopefully it's fixed within a few days of me getting home.

Feb. 9th

Well my turning center didn't like a hydraulic seal and spit it out a few days ago while I was running the titanium brakes. I got 36 4 port 5/8x24 blanks and 1 5 port blank made before that. I'm going to start making a small run in my mill today. I will make more 5 port blanks in 5/8x24 and probably some 3/4x24 5 ports if the 5/8x24 blanks go well. The 3 ports and 4 port 3/4x24 blanks will have to wait until I'm back from vacation and my turning center is fixed.

I did get the 4 port Mini Beast brakes done. I have them in 1/2x28 and 7/16x28 for the Kimber rifles. These are .670" OD and 2.67" long. The 1/2x28 brakes weight 2.3oz and the 7/16x28 brakes weigh 2.3oz.

Feb. 1st

I've had some delays with tooling, having to modify thing, and learning my new machine so the titanium brakes haven't happened yet. I will start running the blanks today and through the next week or so if everything goes good today. If I need different inserts the whole thing will be pushed back until Monday or later. At best I'll have some finished brakes by the end of next week. I was hoping for sooner but that is how it goes some times. 

I had my busiest month ever in January too so that didn't leave me with the time I thought I'd have to work on titanium and other new items. Thank you all for the orders. One downer is I'm going to have to raise my prices. USPS just jumped my shipping prices as much as 50% and my steel prices have gone up about 30-40% over the last couple years along with tooling, etc. I put it off as long as I could. The titanium brakes will stay the same but the stainless brakes will go up. 

I just got a large order of 4140 in to make 1 and 2 piece brakes already opened to caliber and nitrided. These probably wont see the light of day until March due to vacation and the titanium stuff but they are coming. 

I will be on vacation with the family from 2/12 to 2/20. I will still have internet and can take orders but nothing ordered during that time will ship until after the 20th. I'm going to make a honest effort to finish my website ordering while on vacation but it is vacation and we have a lot planned so there are no guarantees. 

Besides the nitrided 4140 and titanium brakes I will be working on .800" Super Baby Beast 1 piece brakes and Super Baby Beast 2 piece 1/2x28 brakes, the Mini Beast Kimber 7/16x28 brakes, the Mini Beast .670" 4 ports, the 7/8x20 6 port Super Beast, and possibly some pistol brakes. I might do some 5 port Baby Beast but with the Super Baby Beast brakes in 5 ports being so close in size (.800" versus .750") they will probably be on the back burner for a while. I've had people ask about brakes for pistols lately so I will look into it. If your interested let me know what thread sizes and calibers. I've also had people ask about 2 piece and smaller diameter titanium brakes. If this is something you'd like to see let me know. I know some people have asked about shotgun brakes in the past too. Once again if you want to see it give me some feedback. 

I am out of my older ported .865" 4 port brakes at the moment but will try to make more of those as soon as I can. I have all the other brakes currently in production, except titanium, in stock.

January 10th

I have the titanium in stock along with all the tooling. My turning center is getting leveled and dialed in on Monday and hopefully by the end of next week I'll have some brakes made. I also ordered the reamers, brass and dies to build a 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC to test muzzle brakes with. I should have about 6 new brakes to test the next time I run test. Most will be for the larger magnums but I do have a couple to run on the smaller calibers as well. I did run a 6.5 Creedmoor test before Christmas that I will get on YouTube and here as soon as possible. 

December 24th

Still slaving away but I did get the 6 port Super Beast done this last week. I also did a small handful of 3 port 3/4x24. I posted a picture on the 1 piece brakes page. The 3 and 6 ports are only available in 3/4x24 threads at the moment. As soon as I get time I'll do the 3 ports in 5/8x24 and the 6 ports in 7/8x20. 

Sometime in January I'll get my 375 Cheytac Imp built and test the 6 port Super Beast against a Terminator T-5. I did do a 6.5 Creedmoor test with my brakes and a Precision Armament brake. I'll get that posted over the next couple days. I'm buying quite a few more brakes to test, a medium Pain Killer, a JE Custom Assassin, and a couple Northwest Precision brakes. I already have a Master Piece Arms 4 port self timed brake and a Precisiom Armament M4-72 brake that I have yet to test on the big stuff. When the weather cooperates I will do a big test with all the new ones plus mine, the T-3 and T-4 terminator, APA  Little and Fat Bastard, 5 port Muscle Brake, Harrell's tactical brake, Area 419 4 port, and Patriot Valley Arms 4 port. I'm also going to do a multi caliber test so people can get a idea of what the recoil will be like with a brake on. I haven't changed the set up on my sled so far so people can relate the after brake recoil to another caliber without a brake. I will probably do a .223, 22-250, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7RM, 28 Nosler, 30-06 and/or 300wsm, 300wm, 30 Nosler, and 338 Lapua.  

December 16th

I was hoping to be on the titanium brakes this week but the bar puller I ordered was back ordered and I wont have one until about the 24th and I won't have material until about then as well. I will be gone to Canada from the 26th until the 30th to visit my in-laws so I'll start into the Ti stuff the first week of Jan. If everything goes well I might have some done by the end of that week.

I'm currently working on some 6 port Super Beast brakes for the bigger calibers like 33XC, 37XC, and Cheytac's. I have blanks already made for 7/8x20 threads and I'm making the 3/4x24 blanks right now. I should have these done by mid week. 

I finished the Baby Beast (.750") 5/8x24 3 and 4 ports. These are 1 piece brakes that can't be turned down (they can be tapered just not turned). 

I've had a bunch of people wanting to buy smaller 2 piece brakes. Here is the deal....the 2 piece brakes have inside and OUTSIDE threads so they can't be made small like a 1 piece brake. You have to have enough metal between the 2 threads to not blow the brake apart. That means the diameter has to be bigger. The Lil Beast 2 piece brakes are ONLY available in 9/16x24 NOT 5/8x24. The Beast 2 piece brakes are ONLY available in 5/8x24.

December 6th

I appologize for being slow to respond to emails as of late. I spent the last 10 days or so turning over 1200 brakes and 100+caps for the 2 piece brakes in addition to other work. It's a really crappy process that will go away when my turning center is operational. 1 to 2 1/2 minute run times with 30 seconds to 1 minute change over on each part. That amounted to 14-16+ hour days.  I wanted to get it done so I could get to machining the ports and having finished brakes back on the shelf. As of today I will have everything but Super Beast brakes back in stock and I will have the Super Beast back in stock tomorrow or Saturday. In addition I will have some new ones done. Right now I have 3 and 4 port 1/2x28 Beast brakes in stock. Shortly I will have .750" 3 and 4 port Baby Beast brakes with 5/8x24 threads. Many people have been wanting these so I altered the design a bit to allow it to happen. They are .100" longer, 2.32" and 2.77", then the normal Baby Beast. In addition these and the 9/16x24 Versions of the Baby Beast will have a maxed out port size. Because the 9/16x24 Baby Beast brakes aren't designed to be turned down I'm maxing the port size out to the material size. This new port size is 19% taller than the normal size and will make the brakes more effective. The Lil Beast brakes ports are 31% taller than the Baby Beast and that is why I generally recommend those but this will close the gap on performance between the 2. BTW the 5/8x24 Baby Beast aren't designed to be turned down either. As time and the weather permits I will test the new max port version on my test sled. Also all of the 3/4x24 Beast brakes will have the same maxed out port size as the 2 piece brakes have. The 3/4x24 brakes aren't supposed to be turned down so it's performance will be better if it has the bigger port size. The max port version is 13% bigger because they aren't designed to be turned down to .900" like the 5/8x24 and 1/2x28 thread sizes.

I have blanks for 6 port Super Beast made in 7/8x20 and will make some 3/4x24 next week. I'm hoping to have the finished product by the end of next week. This will be designed for the 33XC, 37XC, and Cheytac calibers. The ports will lose efficiency on the smaller calibers due to their size.  Another BTW I'm going to alter the ports on the 5 port Super Beast brake to perform better with the smaller magnums that most people are buying them for. The port size now was to try and make them work well for both the smaller magnums and the big stuff but now that the 6 ports are close to done I will make the 5 ports work better for the smaller magnums and leave the 6 ports for the bigger magnums. 

There is no love for the titanium guys yet. I want to make them in my turning center rather than my mill and I have been working too many hours lately to wire up my turning center. The through spindle coolant will help with the drilling. I'm shooting for Xmas time but it might be the first part of Jan. before I actually get them done. It really depends on how long the material takes to get and freeing up the time to get my turning center running.

I have some other stuff in the works and hopefully close to completion.......4 port .670" Mini Beast in 1/2x28 and 7/16x28 (for those Kimber guys and gals). After these I will work on the Super Baby Beast. These will be .800" for the people that want the performance of the Lil Beast but in a smaller diameter brake. I do also have blanks to make some 1/2x28 and 9/16x24 Baby Slab Beast brakes. These will be .750" tall and geared towards the smaller sporter barrels. I only made these in 4 ports but the performance for the height will make them more like a 4 port Lil Beast.

Back to work I go. Hopefully a few less hours going forward. OH and another good thing.....after I get everything back in stock and finish the Super Beast brakes I will finally try to make the time to finish my shopping cart.

November 27th

I finally have the 2 piece caps done but I'm limited on the 5 port 2 piece brakes until I have a chance to run more. I just ran out of 5 port Beast brakes last week but have piles of blanks made and will start turning them this weekend and should have more back in stock the beginning of next week. I'm also out of Super Beast brakes and will run more of those as soon as I get the 5 port 1 piece Beast, 5 port Lil Beast, and more of the 2 piece 5 port Beast brakes back in stock. I have some 6 port blanks made for the Super Beast brakes in 3/4x24 and 7/8x20 fo the Cheytac crowd and will do some testing if I ever get time to chamber my 375 Cheytac Imp. I should have my turning center up and running in about 2 weeks and that will speed up everything after that point. Hopefully I won't run out of parts again after I get it on line. BTW my initial run of Ti Beast brakes are gone but I will run more last December or early Jan. and they will be the larger 1.01" of my current Beast brakes.

September 9th

I will be gone from the afternoon of 9/10 to mid day on 9/22 in AK. I will have intermittent cell service and will answer emails as I have time and service. Nothing will ship until I get back.

The good news is I have all of my 2 piece brakes back in stock in addition to my 4 port 1 piece Beast brakes. 

More good news is I bought a Doosan turning center that will arrive tomorrow. It will take me a bit to get it up and running but once I do it will speed things up greatly. I have to make more 2 piece caps in it first but after that I will start making 4140 2 piece brakes and have them nitrided. That will mean I'll have around 450 black brakes in stock. 

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We have several versions of 1 and 2 piece Beast series brakes as well as some of our older 4 port brakes.

Muzzle Brakes in the Works

Muzzle Brake Testing Videos

Muzzle Brakes in the Works


Here is a list of what muzzle brakes we plan to add to production this year.

Muzzle Brake Testing Videos

Muzzle Brake Testing Videos

Muzzle Brake Testing Videos


Here are all of our testing videos. It has all of our muzzle brakes along with several of my top competitors.

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Bolt and Barrel Fluting

Muzzle Brake Testing Videos


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I got started making my own muzzle brakes and building my own guns in 1992 when I bought my first lathe and a buddy bought a manual mill. Since that time I have done a few other jobs and had a couple other businesses. Just prior to doing muzzle brakes full time I built the first commercially available twin turbo kit for Duramax diesel pick ups in 2005 as well as kits for Dodge Cummins trucks. I also made many high HP triple turbo kits for several Duramax trucks making 1500+ HP. I started making and selling muzzle brakes while I was still doing diesel work. Guns has always been my passion so I gave up on the diesel performance world to push the envelope on muzzle brake performance.

I got started having others making brakes for me. I got tired of relying on others and missed deadlines so now most everything in made in house in a Haas CNC mill. Before long we will have a CNC turning center to share the load. My mill has a 4th axis and in the next couple weeks I will offer bolt fluting followed by barrel fluting and bolt handle threading.

Check back in the next few weeks and I'll run a month long special for bolt fluting. Most likely it will start Feb. 1st but it might be sooner then that. Initially I will set up for Remington 700's, Tikka T-3's, and possibly Savages.


My goal is to make the most effective muzzle brakes on the market at the best possible prices. I will always try to maintain stock of the brakes I carry. Now that most everything is done in house this goal is within reach. As you can see from my testing videos making the most effective brake on the market has been accomplished. Unlike some, I will keep testing and playing with designs to make them even better in the future. I've never been one to settle for second best. 

I intend to add as many gun/reloading/shooting products and services as I can cram in my schedule. I'm always open to suggestions so drop me a line if there is something you would like to see made or made better.

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I love hunting and I spend as much time as humanly possible hunting. I've built my own rifles since 1992 and have been into long range hunting and building wildcat cartridges for most of that time. The long range part started with rock chucks and later transitioned into big game. Back in the beginning we started with military Zeiss optical rangefinders (they were much harder to pack around then todays lazer rangefinders). I also like to dirt bike ride mountains trails, camp, back pack, and most water sports.

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