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March 12th 2018

I loaded a couple new videos and will try to do some more testing tomorrow if it doesn't get too windy. I intend to test a 6.5 Creedmoor and 450 Bushmaster and will probably redo the 300wm and 338 Lapua videos from today with the 5 port Beast brake I forgot to take today.

FEB. 6th 2018

I made some of the 4 port Lil Slab Beast brakes last week. There are pictures on the 1 piece Beast brake page. I've ordered the tooling and gauges to do M13 x .75 threads in my Super Baby Beast brakes for those that have Browning rifles with those threads. It will still be a few weeks before I get it all but I should have some done either the end of this month or the start of next. Right now I'm running 4 port Lil Beast brakes and will run some 5 port 9/16x24 Lil Beast brakes next.  Then, if I don't get low on stock of something, I'll machine the parts I need and write the programming to get the fluting going.

With some luck I should have my shopping cart done this week to ease ordering.

January 23rd 2018

I've been informed that some people aren't getting my emails. I've had this problem before with GoDaddy so I'll get rid of the contact form and just put my personal email back on the site for people to contact me until I get my company email and shopping cart finished. You can contact me at nlw358@aol.com . I'm sorry for those that haven't received a response. I generally respond within a day.

January 12th 2018 

I added some more info on suitable brakes for caliber sizes to my Beast 1 piece page. The brake diameter and suitable thread sizes depend on your barrel diameter. I always try to run the largest thread size possible but that isn't always possible when you want a flush fitting brake.

January 6th 2018

I've added additional information and pricing on all of my brakes. I will add pictures shortly as well as a shopping cart over the next week or so to ease ordering. I will also add updates on this page as new products or services are added/updated.

I apologize for the delays in shipping some of you have experience lately. I've been trying to get as many products going as I can while on a break from school. I've also had some lathe issues that I hope to finally  rectify soon. I would rather be slow to ship instead of sending out inferior products. Shortly you should see even better machining with large quantities in stock.  My goal is to never be out of stock on any of my brakes.

What we do

Muzzle Brakes

We have several versions of 1 and 2 piece Beast series brakes as well as some of our older 4 port brakes.

Muzzle Brakes in the Works

Here is a list of what muzzle brakes we plan to add to production this year.

Muzzle Brake Testing Videos

Here are all of our testing videos. It has all of our muzzle brakes along with several of my top competitors.

Bolt and Barrel Fluting

Coming Soon

Bolt Handle Threading

Coming Soon

Everything Else

This is everything else we do or have in the works

About Us

The start

I got started making my own muzzle brakes and building my own guns in 1992 when I bought my first lathe and a buddy bought a manual mill. Since that time I have done a few other jobs and had a couple other businesses. Just prior to doing muzzle brakes full time I built the first commercially available twin turbo kit for Duramax diesel pick ups in 2005 as well as kits for Dodge Cummins trucks. I also made many high HP triple turbo kits for several Duramax trucks making 1500+ HP. I started making and selling muzzle brakes while I was still doing diesel work. Guns has always been my passion so I gave up on the diesel performance world to push the envelope on muzzle brake performance.

I got started having others making brakes for me. I got tired of relying on others and missed deadlines so now most everything in made in house in a Haas CNC mill. Before long we will have a CNC turning center to share the load. My mill has a 4th axis and in the next couple weeks I will offer bolt fluting followed by barrel fluting and bolt handle threading.

Check back in the next few weeks and I'll run a month long special for bolt fluting. Most likely it will start Feb. 1st but it might be sooner then that. Initially I will set up for Remington 700's, Tikka T-3's, and possibly Savages.


My goal is to make the most effective muzzle brakes on the market at the best possible prices. I will always try to maintain stock of the brakes I carry. Now that most everything is done in house this goal is within reach. As you can see from my testing videos making the most effective brake on the market has been accomplished. Unlike some, I will keep testing and playing with designs to make them even better in the future. I've never been one to settle for second best. 

I intend to add as many gun/reloading/shooting products and services as I can cram in my schedule. I'm always open to suggestions so drop me a line if there is something you would like to see made or made better.

About me

I love hunting and I spend as much time as humanly possible hunting. I've built my own rifles since 1992 and have been into long range hunting and building wildcat cartridges for most of that time. The long range part started with rock chucks and later transitioned into big game. Back in the beginning we started with military Zeiss optical rangefinders (they were much harder to pack around then todays lazer rangefinders). I also like to dirt bike ride mountains trails, camp, back pack, and most water sports.

Nathan Wright

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                                                         My email is: nlw358@aol.com