Muzzle Brakes in the Works


This is a list of what I have in the works

Baby Beast 1/2 x 28 2 piece self timed brakes in 3 and 4 ports. Estimated completion is March 2019

Baby Beast 5/8x24 brakes. Estimated completion is July 2018  These are done and in stock

.800" Super Baby Beast in 3 and 4 ports for those in between barrels and many Savages. Estimated completion is Feb./March 2019

Lil Beast 9/16 x 24 2 piece self timed brakes in 3 and 4 ports.  These are done and in stock.

Lil Beast 5 port brakes in 9/16x24. These are done and in stock along with the 1/2x28 version.

Titanium Ti Beast brakes in 4 and 5 ports. These will  be  around .920" OD for carbon fiber barrels. Estimated completion is July. I've had request for 2 piece Ti brakes as well and will try to get that worked in at some point. I made a small run a few months ago and will make the new run 1.01" like my current Beast brakes. These can be turned down as small as .900". That way they cover all the different barrel diameters. I will have these in Jan 2019.

Beast Brakes in M18x1 and 1/2x28. I can make the M18x1 brakes now. The 1/2x28 will most likely be August. I have a few 4 port M18x1's in stock and have 3 and 4 port 1/2x28 in stock.

Chey/Jumbo Beast (undecided on the name) 1.450" OD brake for the 375 Cheytac and larger calibers. Estimated completion is Fall 2018.

Mini Beast .670" 3 and 4 port 1/2x28 brakes. I made blanks for the 4 ports and will try to get these finished in the next month. I hope to have these done either this week or the first couple weeks in Jan 2019.

Kimber 4 port Mini Beast brakes in 7/16x28. I have the blanks made and will try to get them machined in the next month. These will be done by Jan. 2019

If there is something you would like to see sooner I can try to work it in my schedule sooner. Drop me a line and give me some feedback.