A little info about my ported brakes......these were the first brakes I started selling. They are fairly effective, as you can see in some of my videos, but they have some downsides to them. The top holes tend to cause too much down thrust on smaller diameter sporter barrels and large capacity cases. The negatives to that is the barrel can make contact with the stock if there isn't enough clearance and it can make it harder to spot shots because it's essentially pushing the barrel past what your trying to look at when firing a shot. A lot of people seem to think ports or holes without a opposing side is detrimental to accuracy. The top holes don't have equal holes on the bottom to oppose them which causes uneven forces. I haven't noticed a difference in accuracy because of that but some believe it does cause issues. 

Ported Brakes


.750" 4 port

.750 4 port brakes are available in 1/2x28, 9/16x24, and 5/8x24. I also have a few 7/16x28 brakes on hand. These are 2.5" long, weigh 2.5 oz, and are $52.00 shipped


.875" 4 port brake

The .875" 4 port brakes are available in 5/8x24. They are 2.5" long, weigh 3.9 oz, and are $52.00 shipped.


1.0" 4 port

The 1.0" 4 port brakes are available in 1/2x28 and 5/8x24. They are 2.5" long, weigh 5.3 oz, and are $52.00 shipped

Discontinued Ported brakes


These are my older brakes that I'm discontinuing

The 3 ports are sold out.

1.0" 5 port in 1/2x28 and 5/8x24. These are 49.00 shipped until they are gone.

Like all my brakes they are thread milled and thread gauged to 2b specs.